Disney Wish Cruise – 19 – 22 July 2022

(I posted a first-day post but it went to a different blog so some of this is a repeat for those subscribed to both.🤷‍♀️)

We arrived at Port Canaveral on Tuesday afternoon, parked and boarded the ship around 1 PM. The room is not available until 3 PM so we have lunch and wander the ship.

Lunch is at Marceline Market on Deck 11, which has multiple food stations, spreading people out. However, it was super crowded because of course everyone wanted lunch and couldn’t get to their rooms yet. We enjoyed a delicious salad and grilled salmon and shrimp. This is the grab-and-go location with choices to satisfy all tastes. Seating areas are are small gathering communities so you are not in a long chow hall setting, common in the cruise industry.

Next stop, the Hyperspace Lounge. It was only open so as to allow people to get inside and see it. If you want to enjoy a drink in it, you need to make an advanced reservation. The line for reservations……LONG. No need, plenty of other bars onboard. The other bars were smaller and more intimate, which meant crowded before the dinner hours. We really enjoyed the Keg & Compass, a pub-like bar with less people and great selection of beer and whisky. The Bayou bar mid-ship played more popular music, Nightingale’s Bar had a piano player and the Rose at the top of the ship was elegant with fantastic views and an quiet atmosphere permitting conversation.

Quiet Cove Pool, an infinity pool off the back of the ship – adults only area. Again, super crowded, not as quiet because everyone is there because they can’t get in their rooms. Bar is open, as is the Cove Cafe – also packed. Nice to see, did not stay. Later in the cruise, there actually were some times when it wasn’t so crowded…..we heard.

The large deck area doesn’t have one giant pool anymore. It has five smaller pools. This spreads people out a bit more. On the 12th floor is the Aqua Mouse water ride/attraction. I waited 90 minutes to get on….such a reminder of Disney World. At the front of the ship, on Deck 14, is the Chip and Dale Pool. This is the quiet area, chairs under shade and the pool is really just for cooling off, not swimming. My preference would be this pool if you just want to sit outside and take an occasional dip in the cool water.

First thing we notice once we are in our room – everything is brand new! What a nice change from the other ships on which we have cruised. The pillows, mattress, carpet, bathroom with a bathtub and a sofa seating area with desk – brand new. Deck chairs, wood railings – brand new! No rust on this ship anywhere yet!

There are no midship elevators, so you have to walk forward or aft to catch a ride. The shopping, Disney Vacation Club Member Services, guest services, movie theaters and bars are all midship on decks 3, 4, and 5. Somewhat convenient and somewhat not.

Characters abound. The Disney characters walk around the ship at certain times of days. The Marvel characters are in the Marvel Academy located in the children’s area but accessible certain times of days for photo ops. For the princesses, you have make an appointment to be with them. You can see them but can’t have your picture taken unless you have an appointment.

Lots of Trivia and Bingo on board. Two movie Theaters, live music in the bar areas, Karaoke and other types of games in to venues. Then, there are the Disney shows in the Walt Disney Theatre. We went the first and third night. Very entertaining, outstanding shows. The performance, the innovation in each show with screens and live performers, fantastic costuming and music.

The ship shopping areas include very high-end jewelry, watches and purses, balanced by lots of Disney memorabilia. There were long lines at night to shop for the Disney memorabilia, just like at Disney World. Of course, this is an Inaugural Cruise for Disney Vacation Club Members. These people are REALLY into Disney stuff – like decorating their doors.

Three days isn’t long enough on this ship, especially when most people have been to Nassau and Castaway Cay before. They don’t get off the ship to do the port excursions. So the ship was busy even on port days.

What was totally excellent on this Cruise: the food, the staff, the bar drinks, the fitness center, the Senses Spa, Guest Services and the Disney Vacation Club passengers, who are happy and into having fun with Disney characters, shows and events.

Our servers, Rahul and Patrick

There are three restaurants on the Disney Wish – Marvel, Arendale, and 1923 (for the year Mickey Mouse originate). The Marvel dining room was on our first night and was really entertaining. A video screen is near every table and on the table is this device that is used in the Ant Man movie to shrink the Ant Man and Wasp Woman. You are asked to activate your device while the show is going on – helps with any delay in food service (there weren’t any). The characters come into the restaurant at the end before desserts are served.

The next night, we attended the engagement of Anna and Sven in the Arendale restaurant. There was live entertainment on a stage. We were seated a bit far back so I had to zoom in to get pictures, and of course there was a parade around the dining room before dessert. The meatballs I had were exactly like my Swedish grandmother’s, and the Aquavit was delicious.

Final evening was at 1923. Beautiful room, lots of cabinets with artwork, great service and delicious food.

And finally, the artwork all over the ship. 446 pieces of art is what I heard, but Steve heard 4,046 pieces of art around the ship. Most ships have art, but not like Disney.

Yes, there are places for children on this ship. Since it was the inaugural Disney Vacation Club Member Cruise, not very many kids. The kids Oceaneers Club had a slide from Deck 3 to Deck 2 = lots of fun for kids!

And as always, Castaway Cay is great way to end your cruise port days. In July, hot, hot, and hotter. We walked and came back on the ship to enjoy the final food splurge. Really a great ship and 3 day cruise – not long enough!

Finally, even though we had to show proof of vaccination and a negative Covid test before boarding the ship, once on the ship – no masks or restrictions. Hand-washing stations were at the entrance to the buffet and hand-wipes were given at the entrance to each restaurant. That’s it! You could wear a mask if you wanted to and some people did. The new normal and we enjoyed it!

7 thoughts on “Disney Wish Cruise – 19 – 22 July 2022

  1. A very enjoyable cruise with friends, and a nice break from everyday-Florida. I don’t particularly care for short cruises – the ratio of cruise overhead (“have-to-do-to-get-there-and-home-again”) to cruise experience is too high for my tastes – but Disney makes up for that with a wonderful cruise experience and excellent staffing and staff training. Hats off to the Disney Team.


  2. Thanks for sharing your experience on the Wish. We are doing a NYC Canada cruise in October on the Magic. It’s been so long.


    1. We were excited to travel on a Disney Cruise ship again too. We now are looking forward to making it a regular Disney adventure instead of always doing the resorts. We never seem to have trouble using up our points though LOL


    2. The NYC Canada cruise sounds appealing. We’re going to check it out as a future possibility. We love that part of the world.


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