National Cowboy Museum – 4 June 2022

Given our bonus day in Oklahoma City, a trip to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum seems in order. Again, a place we have visited perhaps 20 years ago. It happens that it is their annual Prix de West Exhibit, which is free to Bank of America Customers – a bonus on top of a bonus! I don’t know what it is about art museums that makes me take a ‘thousand’ pictures of the artwork and sculptures but that is what I do. I promise this blog will only show a few.

End of the Trail

Also in this museum are the various artifacts used by cowboys of the plains, beaver hunters/trappers/scouts, cavalry/infantry of the old west and the Native Americans of various tribes.

Then there are items on display from the cowboys of the old west as well as from movies and TV shows.

Her real rifles!

Outside in the back of the museum are samples of Native American homes. Well-done examples along a path within a group of trees. Another couple of huge sculptures – a blown-up version of “Come’n Through the Rye” by Remington and a beautiful Buffalo Bill sculpture.

Cliff Dwelling replica

Again, I highly recommend you visit this museum if you ever happen to be in this part of the USA. Of course, now that I have posted everything in a blog….you might want to!

A short stop at Bricktown, an entertainment area in downtown OKC, before heading to our hotel and then to dinner this evening at Flint.

Tomorrow, very early call to the airport. Overall, a great adventure!

Across from the Myriad Botanical Gardens

2 thoughts on “National Cowboy Museum – 4 June 2022

  1. Very interesting pictures, Lynn. I’m really enjoying your trip – has made me promise myself to take more pictures when we go away in Sept. Anne


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