Spokane, WA – September 2, 2022

Traveling to Spokane from Sarasota, we forgot how long it takes. 6 AM flight out of Sarasota to Atlanta and then on to a just shy of four hour flight to Spokane. Read a book, watch a movie, play games on the ipad and eat something on the plane called lunch.

Grain Bowl?!

Uneventful flight and arrive on time at Spokane International Airport with the temperatures close to Florida but quite a bit lower humidity.

The Centennial Hotel is nice with lots of rooms, a pool, restaurant, open atrium lobby. Our room isn’t quite ready so we were encouraged by our taxi driver to check out the PIG OUT IN THE PARK, Riverfront Park. It is a festival that goes on for 6 days with music and food booths.

Not quite Taste of Chicago, much more like a State Fair with lots of food and music. The temperature has now climbed into the 90’s and we are still in traveling long-sleeve clothes – too steamy! Love the different types of foods! Didn’t eat any…..yet.

We walk back across the bridge over the Spokane River to our hotel and our room is ready. Time to unpack and cool down. What time is it? 3 hours time zone change does make a difference!

And there are always interesting people wherever you go!

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