Lake Toxaway, NC – October 1, 2021

The first evening with our friends is a visit to their home, touring their renovation-in-progress, a picnic/concert at the top of Toxaway Mountain, and a stop to see their boat, which will be cruising on tomorrow. The weather is perfect for being outdoors and enjoying the mountain and forest views.

View of Cold Mountain

The picnic is a food fest – everyone brought a dish and much of it was home-cooking. It reminded Steve of the church potluck dinners of his youth, with significantly different (and arguably better) music and libations. The music is provided by a solo guitar singer. Perfect way to spend a fall evening.

Their boat is called “Intoxawayted,” named by their high school grandchildren. Very creative and funny. Tomorrow our day will start with a ride on Lake Toxaway in this cute, electric Duffy.

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