Lake Toxaway, NC – October 2, 2021

An adventure this morning sailing aboard the Duffy boat on Lake Toxaway. The electric boat is so quite and gently sails, showing off the beautiful vistas of the lake: coves, mountains, colorful trees and gigantic mansions along the shore. And the weather couldn’t be more perfect!

Lake Toxaway

Since our friends are in the middle of a home renovation, they are splitting their time between the home and an RV in a campground. A stop at their RV to have some lunch. For his dinner, Steve sweeps off fallen leaves from the back deck area.

Next a short drive to Whitewater Falls, the highest waterfall east of the Rockies. It’s late in the season and still the water is cascading down into the Whitewater River. This is very close to the South Carolina/North Carolina border. You can take stairs down to an observation deck and then, a few steps off and you can take a trail to the bottom of the falls. Not today.

Whitewater Falls

An evening cruise in the Duffy shows off more of the beauty of this area of North Carolina and more southern hospitality for an outdoor dinner as our day ends.

2 thoughts on “Lake Toxaway, NC – October 2, 2021

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures, I love reading these every day, as I am now recuperating at home. These give me lots of hope and, of course, envy. But I’ll be there one day!! Anne Bishop (friend of Elsa)


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