Kennesaw to Lake Toxaway – 1 Oct 2021

For some reason we are still awakening in the morning at 5 AM. More time to drink coffee and read on our iPads until everything opens up. The hotel we are at in Kennesaw is right near a college campus which provides lots of walking trails. While enjoying an early morning walk, along with beautiful trees exhibiting a tinge of color, signs always draw our attention. The Atlanta Braves have clinched the National League East Division so that is big news here in Georgia. Curious the “woke” people haven’t come after the Atlanta Braves…..

And hiring signs everywhere plus a phone number for some people to come work for you.

Time to leave and explore a museum not far from the hotel – Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History.

This place amazes us with how well done it is in presenting the history of the importance of railroads in the south during and after the civil war. The main attraction is an old locomotive called “The General.” There have been movies made about the great chase during the civil war involving the General. The ‘Raiders’ were awarded the first Medals of Honor, which was created during the civil war.

We would have spent more time here and will definitely come back because we were not able to see everything. Here’s a sampling….

The General
View of The General from above

On the road to North Carolina, passing through South Carolina, its a beautiful drive in rolling hills.

More winding roads through the mountains and we arrive at our hotel, Brook Trout Inn. Nice and rustic and close to our friends house in Lake Toxaway which is our next stop.

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