On the Road Again – 30 September 2021

If you drive from Sarasota and want to make it past Atlanta at a reasonable traffic time, leave at 5:00 AM. Yep, up early and out the door. We have done this drive on I-75 sooooo many times so nothing to take pictures of, even the rest areas we’ve done before. We decided to stop in Forsyth, Georgia for lunch at a 5-star Yelp-rated Mexican Restaurant. La Pasadita Cafe – located in the strip mall of a Shell Gas Station. This is the real deal. Most of the people, coming in to either carry-out or eat their lunch at one of the 10 tables inside, were hard-working people of every ethnicity. When the people ordering their food only speak Spanish, you are probably in the real deal. Memorable and we will stop here again!

Chicken Burrito Bowl at La Pasadita

Not brave enough to the exotic (to me) tacos!

Tomorrow morning we will do a bit of sight-seeing/exercising in Kennesaw, Georgia before driving to North Carolina. Glad we packed a couple of beers to enjoy in our hotel room with a JimmyJohn sandwich calling it dinner after a long drive.

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