Bar Harbor – September 15-16, 2021

Yes, there are times you just need to take a rest day. That’s what we did yesterday with only a short walk around the neighborhood.

Sign entering Bar Harbor on Route 3

We have stayed in this area on prior visits and were looking for the homes we stayed in. Only found one, and also scoped out a future stay. The trees are beginning to change a little more and the wild turkeys don’t seem to worry about walking around near town.

Today, we are off for a hike up to Bubble Rock, the famous balancing boulder in Acadia NP. We are early enough to get parking and beat the crowds to the boulder for our pictures. The hike is moderate difficulty mostly because of the gradual elevation gain up to 768 feet.

Again, we all have to pose for pictures for some fun! The views from top of South Bubble are awesome.

Our friends hike back down on the trail to Jordan Pond, while I hike back to the car to meet up with Steve who is hiking Jordan Pond this morning.

View from South Bubble

One more time to Compass Harbor Trail so our friends can harvest more mussels along the shore.

When we arrive back at the house, there is a man next door unloading his car with wood. Note the wood on the top of the car….he drove down Route 3 like this and said to us that people were taking videos that will probably go viral. Yes, it is a strange way to haul wood – on the roof top and inside your car! Ingenious?!

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