Bar Harbor – September 14, 2021

Gorham Mountain Trail has been one of the trails we have done every time we have visited Acadia NP and enjoyed it every time because of the breathtaking views, the easy elevation gain and the sense of accomplishment when you reach the top. Today is no different.

View of Sand Beach from Gorham Mountain Trail

Fortunately, we arrived early so we found parking and the trail wasn’t too busy. Coming back, it was busy. We commented to each other how the blue trail markings weren’t as visible anymore to help guide you in the right direction of the trail. There are rock cairns along the trail to help.

Cairns along the trail

Again, the views of the ocean shoreline are great on this beautiful, clear day.

A tradition – a picture with the sign at the top. This year and a few years ago!

Coming down we see a national park volunteer painting a new coat of blue on the trail markers. Yay!

Trail marking

We arrive back to the house and the man next door, who has been working on his house since 2015, is finally at a point of painting primer on the siding.

A quick hike at Compass Harbor again with Steve who missed out the last time.

Huge trees along Compass Harbor Trail

Our friends went on a nature cruise this afternoon. We are hoping to drive up to Cadillac Mountain again, maybe the weather will cooperate this time. Thankfully, it did. Some great pix looking east and north, plus a short video panorama. Just spectacular!

View of Bar Harbor from Cadillac Mountain
View north east from Cadillac Mountain

And a short video of a panorama

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