Bar Harbor – September 13, 2021

Another day in Acadia National Park starts early. The Ocean Path is a nice 1.5 mile walk along the Loop Road in the national park. You can start at Sand Beach and walk past Otter Point, mostly flat, some paved and some rocky. The weather in the morning has been cool and cloudy but clears up within a hour or so.

The most famous stop along the Ocean Path is Thunder Hole, and, it was thundering today at low tide.

Thunder Hole

One thing still strange to me is people wearing masks while hiking, and, if they think there are too many people, they leave. The people in the picture below stopped on Sand Beach with double masks, looked around, tightened up their masks and immediately left. It is a BIG national park with lots of space where you can be way more than 6 feet apart—and notably, I have not seen any Covid here hiking!

We leave the main park and drive to the Compass Harbor trail. Just off of Route 3 near Bar Harbor, it is a pleasant surprise. Flat, wooded, old ruins of George Dorr’s home and a nice rocky shoreline if you want to climb down. Our friends climb down and actually harvest some mussels for a later snack.

Compass Harbor trail sign

There are some really old trees on this forest trail too. Huge!

The afternoon is spent eating lunch downtown and back at home, resting and reading books before sampling the freshly caught mussels in the evening.

Tomorrow, Gorham Mountain Trail!

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