Bar Harbor – September 11-12, 2021

A week has gone by so quickly. Took my son to the airport this morning before the crack of dawn and came back to the sunrise. To keep moving, we wander downtown and discover it is low tide. Now you can walk across the bar of Bar Harbor. This picture is exactly where I was standing yesterday with the waves crashing in.

The sand bar of Bar Harbor

The island across is called Bar Island and is part of Acadia National Park. There is a short hike. We didn’t do the hike, just wanted to walk all the way over to the island and come back. Getting our steps in for the day!

The sand and rocks make interesting patterns. There are great views of the old Cottages along the shore. When we return, a caravan of cars are driving onto the sand bar, parking and the people are unloading their kayaks. Guess they have the timing of the tides figured out so they don’t get caught!

Afterwards, we walked home and connected with our friends who are visiting. We took another walk along the Shore Path and then lucky us, a home cooked Italian dinner – mussels, shrimp and pasta. Delicious!

And if you are going to eat a lot, you need to hike a lot……Off early in the morning to Jordan Pond. Last week we couldn’t even see the Bubble Rocks across the pond. We walk the path around the lake. When we arrive at the sign for Bubble Rock hike, our friends decide to hike up. We meet back along the trail and then continue back to the Jordan Pond House.

Jordan Pond with Bubble Rocks

Luckily, today, the crowds appear to be less, our timing is perfect for the restaurant’s opening and we are able to enjoy lunch outside. Popovers are just as we remember. Now we head home to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Outside dining at Jordan Pond House

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