Bar Harbor – September 9-10, 2021

Yes, it even rains in Maine. Although most of the time my pictures don’t really show the rain. Flash flood warnings and rain most of Thursday and half of Friday. Does anyone remember gloomy weather helps the tree leaves change colors faster! Colors are starting to peak out here.

Cafe This Way, great breakfast restaurant and always a wait. Fortunately, for us, only 30 minutes and the rain started really coming down so we were lucky to get inside. Cute place indoors too and a very tasty breakfast. Top of the charts in Trip Advisor if you care.

We drove my sister to Bangor Airport in the pouring rain with flash flood warnings – the rain was almost a Florida tropical storm LOL We have been spending the evenings listening to radio – Tampa Bay Rays – #GoRays! No TV, although there are TVs in the bedrooms here, there are no TVs downstairs. Family interaction, conversation, listening to music, talking – remember those times! Love it!

The Covid numbers have increased here, apparently, as everyone is now wearing masks in the grocery store and driving in their cars. Keeping with the science, we are all vaxed, no masks.

The rain cleared by noon today and then the sun came out. Another beautiful day to walk around downtown. The Shore Path was soaked with water as the surf was quite high today. We walked as far as we could and then turned around and continued our walk around enjoying the sun, coolish weather and just being outdoors without sunscreen!

Along the Shore Path
The Bar Harbor View

Bar Harbor is known for having a bar of sand and stone that is visible in low tide that you can cross over to the island. We walked down the street to the ‘bar,’ it is high tide so no bar is visible. Check out the warning signs.

I’m loading some video so you can see some of what is happening. This is NOT YouTube.

Along the Shore Path

And by the way – we are living the retirement life.

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