Bar Harbor – September 4-6, 2021

My dream would be to have a direct flight to Bar Harbor, Maine and if not there, Bangor, Maine. For easy travel, direct would be best, instead one stop through Atlanta and we are in Bangor Maine. Atlanta airport was mobbed, the Delta airline flight attendants were friendly and service-oriented which made the long travel day tolerable. A first for me was seeing this special room in the airport and need I comment on people talking to their dogs everywhere?!

My sister and son are coming on later flights so we do some shopping before they arrive. Once everyone is here, we drive from Bangor to Bar Harbor and settle into our home away from home for the next couple of weeks.

The Parsonage

Our first day is lovely weather, sunny and cool. The next day is foggy and rainy. Since neither my sister or son have been to Bar Harbor before, we will be touring around the island. It is good for us to do as well since we haven’t been here since 2018. Labor Day weekend is very busy with vacationers, at least we think they are, or possibly just people escaping where they live because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Today, a trip into Acadia National Park and along the Loop Road. Too foggy for some of the views of the mountains/hills and valleys yet still an enjoyable ride. Sand Beach, Thunder Hole and overlooks.

Again, its early enough to find parking at Jordan Pond, too early though to make a reservation to eat popovers. They only take reservations starting at 11 AM….it’s 10 AM so we are not waiting around today. While it isn’t raining right now, the fog is pretty thick. We take a short walk along Jordan Pond to see as much as we can – too foggy to see the Bubble Rocks.

Next stop is to the Beal’s Lobster Pound in Southwest Harbor. The drive is as beautiful as we remember. And we arrive early enough to be first in line for lobster. You tell them how many pound lobster you would like – today they have 1-1/2 pound up to 4 pound lobsters!

And the food does not disappoint!

The real deal
Judy is happy with her lobster meal!

To finish off our day, a reservation on Cadillac Mountain, YES, a reservation to go up to the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park! Covid has changed quite a bit at the National Parks….crowds, reservations, can’t go inside the park stores, etc. etc. Very strange. Our reservation was at 3:30 PM so we head up and unfortunately, the clouds are encompassing the mountain. Coming back down, we can see a little bit of the shore line through the clouds. Back at the house, sunshine. Dinner and plans for tomorrow coming together.

Really, it is beautiful a place even if the weather doesn’t always cooperate at your reservation time 🙂

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