Bikes – 11 August, 2021

While we are not traveling right now, I thought I needed to post this update today. Since our bicycle trip on the Pedego electric bike tours, we reassessed our bike ownership. We decided to ‘let go’ of our road bikes and join the electric bike ownership group. Truthfully, it is probably time, yet road bikes are so beautiful and extremely light compared to an electric bike.

Today, we gave away my bike to a good friend and hopefully soon Steve’s bike will have a home. My bike was 11 years old, ridden for 4 years and sat for 8 years (shame on me!). It is a Specialized Ruby model and it was a very smooth, fast ride. Steve’s bike is a 2005 Lightspeed Tuscany model – can’t even describe how amazing this titanium/carbon fiber bike was to ride and enjoy. Difficult to let go but necessary and willing.

Not too sad, because our electric bikes from Pedego are awesome. We are enjoying our rides. In fact, when I went out this morning, I couldn’t stop 😊

Lynn’s Pedego Boomerang
Steve with his new Pedego 28” City Commuter Platinum

The funny thing is if you really want to get exercise – just pedal on these electric bikes. We just signed up for a November 7, 2021 Bike Ride in Sarasota for 36 miles. Looking for many years of fun!

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