Bar Harbor – September 7, 2021

Early morning in Bar Harbor is usually very quiet. Not so much anymore. So many vacationers (or possibly remote workers?) are out and about wandering the street looking for breakfast, coffee and bakeries.

There use to be a cute little bakery (the Morning Glory) that sold the best blueberry pie. Gone. Most likely a victim of Covid, sadly.

We wander to the Mt. Desert Bakery on Cottage Street. A line is out the door because the two women who normally bake are now working as the check-out person and barista because their client facing staff didn’t show up to work. The woman operating the check-out says there will not be any baking today, so sadly, no blueberry pies or any other pie. Banana nut bread, anyone?

Continuing the walk around the town on a nice sunny, much warmer day.

Today, my sister did a Nature Cruise at 10 AM and really enjoyed it. She saw seals, learned about Acadia National Park, went by the lighthouse way out in the bay and enjoyed her time on the water. We have done this tour several times and it is really worth it for first timers.

Our son is responsible for dinner tonight so grocery shopping for rib-eye steaks, baked potatoes and broccoli with all the fixings. We know if we are eating meals like this, we must go for a hike to burn some calories.

One of our favorites is at Sieur de Monts. A rocky hike transversing along the Tarn. The path use to be called The Tarn and they changed it to Kane Path commemorating one of the founders. This is also where one of the founders of the Acadia National Park is buried – George Beckham Dorr. Lots in the park is named for him. We definitely worked off some calories for Geoff’s dinner!

More pictures from the hike. Some of you may remember this one. It is quite beautiful along The Tarn.

A few more pictures before we end out day. Still very busy in Acadia National Park, cars parking along the park loop road, nothing like we have ever seen. My sister said the tour guide told the tour that the park attendance is up 30% since 2018, the last time we were here. The traffic really is proving it to be true.

Love holding up the world. LOL

6 thoughts on “Bar Harbor – September 7, 2021

  1. Great post, pictures. You hold up the world Lynn. ?? Allegiant has direct from Clearwater to Bangor but no first class ??

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  2. We looked up Morning Glory and they closed in 2018. Their lease was up and the owner was selling the building. So sad. Best blueberry and strawberry rhubarb pies.


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