Homeward Bound – 3 August 2021

Today was suppose to be Disney Animal Kingdom and dinner at Topolino’s. Instead, the sunshine state is receiving a drenching of rain all day from a front bringing rain across the state from the Gulf of Mexico. Time to head home a day early.

One of Steve’s birthday gifts is a Forky toy because he enjoys the shorts that Forky does on Disney+. Forky asks “What is rain?“ Well, Forky Rain is liquid precipitation: water falling from the sky. Raindrops fall to Earth when clouds become saturated, or filled, with water droplets. Millions of water droplets bump into each other as they gather in a cloud. When a small water droplet bumps into a bigger one, it condenses, or combines, with the larger one.

The radar map looks convincing. So home we will go and blog again soon.

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