Brooklyn, NY – June 23, 2021

One thing about Brooklyn, the days are action packed, fun and long. Our granddaughters asked for us to join them for breakfast at 7:45 AM. Out the door of the hotel, across the square near Borough Hall and onward to their home at 7:15 AM. Very few people on the streets compared to the past.

Breakfast and walk to the F Train to Coney Island. No one on the subway except us. Mask-up!

Our first stop is the New York Aquarium. Lots to see here. Very nice aquarium with informative exhibits and lots of interesting ocean, lake and sea life along with coral. And there is a show with sea lions and a conservancy message. Nice view of the Atlantic ocean in the background.

After the aquarium we walk on to the Coney Island Boardwalk to find some food. Coney Island just opened after being closed for over 18 months. Have to have Nathan’s hot dogs!

Girls posing for Papa on the Boardwalk

The “most fun ever” part of our day, according to Emme, are the rides for children and the Wonder Wheel. As the sign says, ‘they don’t build them like this anymore.’ It really was a fun time! The weather was perfect – 73 degrees and sunny. Can’t imagine a better day!

The sign says it all

So many rides!

Back on to the subway to go home. Enjoyed some gelato and tacos for dinner. Need to keep walking LOL – Delightful day!

Quite a day! Go Tampa Bay Lightnings, playing the New York Islanders tonight.

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