NY Botantical Gardens — June 24, 2021

Today we start early for our adventure to the New York Botantical Gardens and the Bronx Zoo.

Walking thru Brooklyn to our daughter’s home, we see the animals of New York: a few pigeons, numbers way down from the past – where did they go? a dead baby rat, huge rats seen running across the street, and now dead masks. When we pass by the city building, let’s be clear, covid fear is still here!

Not owning a car has its financial benefits but comes with a huge hassle factor when you need one in New York. In order to rent a car, you have book in advance, pick up the rental car and then try to find parking near your home so you can load the car with car seats for two girls and backpacks with stuff. The drive from Brooklyn is about an hour in heavy traffic to the NY Botanical Gardens in Queens. Conveniently, the Bronx Zoo is next door so it will only be a two minute drive from parking lot to parking lot.

The NYBG is showing an exhibition of works by the artist KUSAMA’s throughout the grounds and in the Haupt Conservatory and Library buildings. The gardens are well cared for and the exhibits are interesting and fun. Do you like polka dots?

I Want to Fly to the Universe
Back side

The art was all interesting and engaging even for a 4 and 6 year old! No photography for a couple of the indoor art pieces. The Flower Obsession exhibit allowed for you to place your own flower sticker anywhere in the greenhouse.

The Narcissus Garden, Ascension of Polka Dots on the Trees, and Dancing Pumpkin were large outdoor exhibits.

Here are a few more pix.

We loved the NY Botanical Gardens and could spend an entire day here wandering around! Next stop the Bronx Zoo.

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