Brooklyn, NY – June 22, 2021

Our first trip back to Brooklyn in almost two years! What will we see post pandemic? For one, our grandchildren and family, and lots of other sights to see.

Riding the Subway
New York, New York

Let’s start by describing our travel from Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport on JetBlue. The airport is very busy these days. Seems like everyone is traveling for vacation with a few business people among the group. One person observed waiting for our flight wearing two masks. He must be a person returning to NY because no Florida person would wear two masks or even one mask unless they have to at the airport!

And did we mention we had to fill out a form to enter the state of New York? No one asked for it so I’m really not sure you have to fill it out although JetBlue said it was required in their email for check-in.

The JetBlue flight is delayed arriving in SRQ and departs 90 minutes late. There are storms running up the coast of the USA so the plane has to take a different route. Look at this route map!


Arriving at JFK, we are waiting for our ride while staring at the new TWA hotel that we were going to stay at the year that covid prevented everyone from traveling. Maybe some day….

TWA Hotel and old plane

The traffic from the airport is as usual insane but the driver tells us it is even crazier these days because everyone is now driving their cars or hiring drivers because they won’t take the subways! We take the longest ride ever to our hotel in the strangest set-up inside the car for protection?

What is this doing for covid protection?

Walking to our daughter’s home, we note the trash is quite neatly stacked on the streets again. No trash cans seem to be used for recycling anymore – ? Voting is also going on for the new Mayor of New York. We are stopped several times asking us to vote or consider a candidate.

Finally arrive at our daughters and have a nice evening watch the sunset over Manhattan from their rooftop. Beautiful! Worth the day of travel to see everyone and this spectacular view.

Manhattan 2021

3 thoughts on “Brooklyn, NY – June 22, 2021

  1. You can pretend like you were traveling to a new country! Lol!
    Sunset beautiful and it looks cooler there. Grandkiddos must be thrilled to see you both! Enjoy!

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