Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum – May 13, 2021

On the way back to Las Cruces, we pass the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum which happens to be open, at least most of it is open.

Entrance gateway off Dripping Springs Road

The museum includes a building with excellent exhibits telling the story of the farming and ranching history of the Las Cruces area.

The displays includes lots of pictures and plaques with information about the families and their struggles to make a life in a very arid area. Creativity and self sufficiency was the reason these families survived.

Another area in the museum, covers the confiscation of these same family farms and ranches for use in the World War 2 efforts. Ultimately this became the White Sands Missile area as well as an Air Force base. These farmers never received their land back after the war as the strategic necessity for continuing to build and test missiles never ends. Of course, this is also where the first atomic bomb was tested – historic.

The outdoor exhibits are about farming. All the barns, animals and exhibits were closed. The mountain views and the plants were nice. You could walk around and see farm equipment…..not too interesting in these covid times.

This museum is well-done and worth a visit.

Now we are done for the day and heading back to the hotel to write blogs, pack up stuff and relax. Traveling home tomorrow will be all day – remember those days?!

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