Organ Mountains – Desert Peaks National Monument – May 13, 2021

Our last day visiting the Las Cruces area means finding another hike and maybe a museum. Because New Mexico is still under strict Covid-19 restrictions, many of the local museums are closed and some of the parks are closed. Fortunately, Organ Mountains – Desert Peaks National Monument is open for hiking.

From our hotel, it is a 25 minute drive up to the Visitor Center which is not open. However, there is a volunteer sitting at a table outside providing information about the park.

Reflection from the sun, lighting the way to the Visitor Center

Most popular hike is Dripping Springs, a mile and half up to an area that did have a spring and was home to Van Patten Mountain Camp and Boyd Sanatorium.

Mule Deer crossing the trail

The views of the valley, the Organ Mountain peaks, the geology and the desert plants is such an enjoyable way to spend the morning.

Organ Mountains
Dripping Springs, not dripping. Water reservoir structure still exists.

Again, there is much history in this area. Check out the website.

Steve taking better pictures of the ruins of the camp
View of Las Cruces in the distance
Another trail with great views of the Organ Mountains

This National Monument is still under the management of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). You can still get a stamp for the National Park Passport Book. Definitely a place worth exploring near to Las Cruces.

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