Santa Fe Native American Art Museums – September, 2019

Rather than publishing a separate blog on each museum we have visited thus far, I decided to summarize a couple together. An earlier blog post was all about the New Mexico History Museum – which took us two days to go through and we probably missed something fantastic. Worth the trip.

We bought a Culture Pass, which for a one-time fee of $30 provides entry to 15 different Museums and Historic Sites in New Mexico for a year. Not all are included, but many. The New Mexico History Museum is part of the Culture Pass group.

The next Museum we visited was the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts in downtown Santa Fe, across the street from the St. Francis Cathedral. (Not included in the Culture Pass but the entrance fee is nominal, the art phenomenal.) Outside in front are beautiful decorated wooden support poles. Inside, current Native American artist works are displayed. A beautiful sculpture garden outside as well. We walked around and enjoyed the art for about an hour. There are also a couple of movies being shown – run time prevented us from staying. Nice museum, organized well, fantastic art, love the contemporary creative directions – very enjoyable.

Our favorite was an artist named Brenda Kingery – no wall space at our house.

Next museum was on Museum Hill – Museum of Indian Arts & Culture. Part of the museum is undergoing renovation- our Culture Pass worked and they didn’t ‘record it’ as a visit to this museum because of the sections being closed. We can go back! This museum is located just across from the Museum of International Folk Art (a museum that requires a separate blog post!). The outdoor sculptures were wonderful to see and enjoy. Inside, the main exhibit is called “Here Now & Always” which explores the ‘Southwest’s Indigenous communities and their challenging landscapes.’.

Inside, besides for the Here Now & Always (HNA) exhibit were other galleries which had a restriction on photography. The HNA exhibit takes a while as it has so much to offer about the history and locations of the Native Americans in the Southwest, why they lived where they lived, and some of their tools/crafts and clothing. Fascinating.

There is a short video being shown in the gallery where we can’t take photos. The video was created by the National Park Service back in the 1980’s about Maria Martinez, who lived on the San Ildefonso Pueblo where she maked her famous pottery – it’s black and I’m sure you have seen it. It goes now for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Fantastic craft handed down for many years. Look her up on Wikipedia. Amazing skilled craftswoman. Found this on YouTube —

This museum is worth a visit to explore all the other galleries I can’t show you (no photography!). Amazing Native American crafts – lots of pottery and jewelry.

These are the two museums in the Santa Fe area that show off the talented Native American’s artwork from all over the Southwest. Of course, just walking around Santa Fe and shopping the stores, you will see and experience much of Native American art. A place that is truly a treasure and treasures the talented peoples even everyday in the Plaza.

3 thoughts on “Santa Fe Native American Art Museums – September, 2019

  1. Awesome find! thank you so much for sharing! Love this kind of stuff! A friend of mine and I hiked out to find some secret native ruins that we found on google maps ariel veiw, it was pretty cool! Your post reminded me of our find! Its in my blogs if you want to check it out! Have a great day!

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    1. Thanks for checking out my blog. You have a great blog! Love all the adventures you are experiencing. We have done all the national parks except the last two that were just made – Gateway Arch and Indiana Dunes. Heading there later this month. Keep enjoying the journey!

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