Churches and more – 10 September, 2019

A casual walk to our favorite coffee place – 35 degrees North (as in latitude, dude). They have both indoor and outdoor seating areas, and it’s a nice place to plan your day.

While we have been to the Loretto Chapel many times, it is always a wonderful place to gain perspective on the religious history of Santa Fe. Seven Sisters of Loretto journeyed to Santa Fe in1852 to open a school. The Bishop brought in an architect from France to help build the chapel. The architect, Antoine Mouly and his sone built a Gothic-style chapel, similar to Saints Chapelle in Paris. The stained glass windows came from Paris, shipped through New Orleans to St. Louis and by wagon over the Old Santa Fe Trail. Just incredible. Then there’s the legend of the Miraculous Staircase, which took six months to build and has two 360 degree turns with no visible means of support. (Railings were added later for safety.) As the legend goes, a carpenter appeared after the sisters prayed for intercession to help them remove the ladder to the choir loft because it was too difficult to climb. A carpenter showed up from nowhere and built the staircase – still an engineering marvel since there are no visible joints. When the Loretto Academy closed in 1968, the chapel was sold and is now a historic site and private museum. A must-see.

A short walk along the Old Santa Fe Trail is the San Miguel Mission church, considered to be the oldest church in the United States. Amazingly this church has been here since 1628, constructed by the Tlaxcala’s Indians who came to New Mexico from old Mexico in 1598 with the Spanish.

The roof was burned in the Pueblo Revolt and the Spanish, upon their when their return, had it rebuilt, to be completed in 1710. It has undergone structural changes over the years (as you can imagine since it’s still standing!). The walls are built from Pueblo bricks and now covered in the traditional Santa Fe adobe stucco. Masses are still held here on Sundays. We were deeply moved by this small church.

The carved and painted wooden altar screen was a gift in 1768 from Lieutenant Jose Antonio Ortiz. Quite impressive – in the upper ovals St. Francis of Assisi, St. Louis IX, King of France, Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint Clare of Assisi, and the statues including Archangel Michael and two other saints.

There is also a bell on display, brought from Spain – and dated 1356! Too much–what people did to bring a memorable piece of Christianity from Europe to Santa Fe. And its a bit much that people leave small metals all around and on the bell.

On leaving San Miguel Mission, you encounter a sign for the ‘oldest house’ in the US. I have to stop in just to see what this is all about. It is the same structure, once again renovated over the years. However, some of the original bricks are made visible inside. There are two rooms still kept historically, small. Free!

All this history requires food for the brain, also known as “lunch.” Cafe Pasqual’s is a well-known, quaint dining place serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. No matter what time of day you arrive, you will wait. Fortunately we only had to wait 20 minutes for a seat at the communal table.

The food is excellent and worth the wait. Chili-bacon, peppers, tomato and lettuce sandwich and Steve goes for the combo taco plate. Yum! This one of our top ten choices for food, and it stays on the list for our next visit.

Filled to the brim – both our brains and stomachs!

2 thoughts on “Churches and more – 10 September, 2019

  1. Lynn & Steve, Just love these photos and your commentary. The staircase is incredible and I love the stained glass in the Loretto Chapel! Then there’s the simple beauty of contrasting one. I’m surprised by all the museums in the area. You certainly have sparked my interest in visiting Santa Fe, someplace that’s not ever been on my radar.

    I’m in the church office this morning and it is VERY quiet, so I’m entertaining myself on my computer! LOL! Michael has Strep throat and looks like something the dogs drug in. I ordered him to do what he needs to do and go home! Wendy is lovely and seems to be learning the ropes. Jim Kohne, Lou and I painted the nursery and shampooed the carpet on Monday. Kristen & Jackie went to Ikea and bought some cute furniture and have ordered the decals. We were able to get Exec to commit to $500 for decorations. I bought the paint, area rug and some decals. It’s beginning to look like a cute little space for the wee ones, as Pastor would say.

    Nona didn’t get the immediate go ahead from Social Ministry for her refugee plan. They want more information and want to discuss with Lutheran Social Services before they give their blessing for this to come under Social Ministry. She is not happy, but is learning that she needs to work within the system here.

    It’s definitely a much calmer place at SAKLC at this time! I think you’ll see/feel a difference!

    Looking forward to your next posting. Enjoy, Ann >


    1. Wow – lots of church news. I hope someone will take a picture of the nursery so we can include it in connections and on the website! Lou participated? Now that is interesting since he was grumbling when all of it was happening and Bob Webb was saying it didn’t need painting – you go girl!!
      The Nona and Social Ministry news was also interesting. Glad Pastor encouraged her to go to Social Ministry and present her plan. Someone needed to reign in her grandiose ideas. I’m glad things are calmer at the Church for the various reasons we know – Deacon Kim and Lynn Lambert – 2 negative forces. Glad you are able to help in the office some. Things are still pretty quiet as we can tell from Connections – October will start the busy-ness. Time if flying by here. I’m sure we will find it hard to leave…all good things come to an end. Now for the next post! – Lynn


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