Hiking La Tierra Trails – 9 September, 2019

A very short drive from downtown Santa Fe are some nice hiking trails in the foothills. Easiest and at a lower altitude are the La Tierra Trails. The trail system includes trails for hiking, mountain biking and equestrian use as well as designated areas for BMX and ATV/MX. There are ‘technical trails’ with features and steeper grades for the bikers.

Our choice is hiking and a trail called La Cuchara. An easy trail, well marked with signs and beautiful vistas of the mountains in the distance. While there were people with mountain bikes in the parking lot, we did not see any biking people once we entered the trail. We did see one woman walking two dogs. That was it for an hour and a half. Delightful!

The trail system has over 25+ miles – Definitely a place we will return to be in the outdoors enjoying the desert.

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