Santa Fe – August 31, 2019

Yesterday was our walk/hike to the Railyard district via the Plaza. The Plaza was alive with people setting up their tents for displaying their art. Around the Plaza are flags and boards creating an artsy, celebratory space. The art fair will be happening all weekend in the Plaza, along with parades and other celebrations including the famous burning of Zozobra. Check out the YouTube video:

The Railyard building had various home furnishing shops and restaurants. There were trains waiting in the rail yard in front of the old train station, ready to start their journeys north and south, and other shops along the way. This area is along Guadalupe Street on the other side of the Santa Fe River.

Returning, we stop at Iconik Coffee Roasters for a pick-me-up (neat little coffee house specializing in single-brewed drip-filtered coffee).

We then stop at the Santuria de Guadalupe – The oldest shrine to Our Lady of Guadalope in the U.S.A., built around 1785. The doorway seems to indicate it is built in an earlier time. Inside it is quaint and less ornate than the St. Francis Cathedral. Outside is the Lady statue and on the ground around her is a rosary made with dedicated stones from the many Catholic Churches in New Mexico.

The Labor Day weekend is upon us here in Santa Fe. The principal streets and the principal restaurants are busy so we stop for lunch at Fiesta Oaxaca, a casual off-the-plaza restaurant with great Mexican style food.

The best fun of the day was purchasing a hat at the O’Farrell Hat Store. They make custom hats at this store. Luckily (I think) I find one right off the shelf that is my hat (or is it head?) size. All they had to do is fit my head and then modify with an internal sweat band to create the snug fit that keeps the hat from blowing away in the wind. A nice hat band to go with the hat and I’m all set to walk around Santa Fe in the sun.

Inspired by our granddaughter……

And having some fun with the placards in the Plaza…..

One thought on “Santa Fe – August 31, 2019

  1. OK so the burning of Zozoba is just downright “Creepy!” The stuff of nightmares for children AND adults! Were you two up at the crack of dawn for your walk? No one else in the photos?? The buildings and art work that you are sharing are just beautiful. A different type of art. Love your hat too! Your not missing anything here with the exception of a possible hurricane! 🤣 The forecast for our coast is better this morning, but who knows. It’s better for you to stay there and be high and dry! Thanks for continuing to share, I look forward to your posts and pictures! Miss you. Ann


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