Santa Fe – September 1, 2019

Labor Day weekend and we are watching the Weather Channel closely. praying for all our family and friends in Florida who might be impacted. Agonizingly slow and so dangerous. I couldn’t help but look up where Disney’s Castaway Cay is in relation to where the hurricane is right now (4 PM EST). Google Maps actually is showing Hurricane Dorian!!

We wandered the art fair downtown early and then took a walk around town. I just love the architecture in Santa Fe, thus the reason for so many pictures of buildings and doors. šŸ™‚

Some are even National Historic sites and they are naturally way back behind large walls!

This Sunday, instead of a Mass at St. Francis, we attend church at Christ Lutheran. A small, adobe building just outside of the main town with beautiful views of mountains from the parking lot. Inside the church is very austere, sticking to the Santa Fe architecture and style. Traditional service with a few twists. We left feeling filled with joy – and hungry.

A short drive and we are at The Ranch House, a Texas BBQ place. Not exactly what you think of when you decide to have a Sunday brunch. Great food, delicious BBQ sauce and a wonderful double-white nap-inducing craft beer.

Leaving the restaurant, the sky looks ominous.

Head home for that nap, to listen to Rays baseball on Sirius XM and stay inside waiting for the afternoon storms (and watching updates of Hurricane Dorian the Weather Channel). A quiet, relaxing Sunday.

And a very Happy Birthday to my sister Cindy! I won’t tell how old!

One thought on “Santa Fe – September 1, 2019

  1. Just love your pictures! So far so good here! Going to spend the day and night tomorrow with the kiddos. Andrea is working so Iā€™m the entertainment!šŸ˜‚ Ann

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