Santa Fe – August 29-30, 2019

We bid our farewells just past 8 AM on Thursday so our daughter, son-in-law and their children could continue their vacation in Dallas. Our move from the one bedroom casita a block away back in to the larger casita was easy – we are getting way too used to being nomadic in our living arrangements. It was a fun time and we hope to see everyone again in the fall. Steve wanted to stop at the granddaughters favorite statue.

We wander to the plaza to listen to today’s Mariachi band. We have seen some of the band members with other bands. Great music! The two women appear to be mother and daughter and sing a beautiful duet. A family affair!

The bands move around the plaza a couple of times while they play. This scene gives you a good view of the Santa Fe architecture surrounding the plaza.

The La Posada Hotel is a place we stayed several years ago and really enjoyed our time.

A stop in the lounge is necessary to see if artist Sarah J. Webber has any of her art hanging. Steve bought a piece of art here in 2013. Yep, sure enough, some of her art is there for sale. Do we want to add to our herd of cattle?

The streets are getting busier as we approach the Labor Day weekend. The people come to Santa Fe in all kinds of interesting vehicles!

Dinner last night was at ‘home’ in our casita. This time of year Hatch Valley Chiles are being harvested so everything is about Hatch Chile’s. The locally made guacamole is quite tasty!

Today we will explore the Railroad Yard district which also means we are going for a city hike. We’ve also narrowed ourselves to ten local restaurants for our initial food focus, but with Labor Day Weekend on top of us, and with tonight being the 95th annual Burning of Zozobra (the original burning man) festival, where we burn all our worries, this is probably not a good day to fight the crowds for food!

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