Santa Fe – August 28, 2019

Time flies when you are having fun as the saying goes. We’ve really enjoyed our time with our grandchildren. The grandchild-vacation days are coming to an end; they will be leaving tomorrow for their journey homeward. Our opportunity to spend time together has been wonderful and definitely a treat – away from both New York and Florida.

Yesterday evening was quiet as everyone was tired from a big adventure day. Another stop at the Plaza for a different Mariachi band.

The skies (and Accuweather) kept looking threatening for a rain drenching but it never came. Weather-app blues; Georgia O’Keefe inspiring skies!

Everyone relaxed at their place for the evening. A plan came together to meet for breakfast bright and early Wednesday. As mentioned in an earlier blog, the only ‘real’ place for a Santa Fe downtown breakfast is the Plaza Cafe. The morning is cool and after a short walk we are there. The girls color and Papa finds a new calling (reading coloring book narratives in his deepest voice) while waiting for their food. Delicious!

Steve enjoys Papa’s Fritos – a Santa Fe gut bomb. A whole layer of roasted potatoes, topped salsa verde, smothered by two eggs, and finished with sour cream on top. Papa enjoyed it all! This is a breakfast that lasts all day.

Time to walk around and explore while the early morning Native American jewelry sales set-up occurs by the Santa Fe Palace of the Governors – the oldest public building in the US – this pix if from the other day.

Next we walk to the Georgia O’Keefe Museum. Not all of her artwork is here, but enough to be representative of the growth and movement of her 2000 works over 60 years of artistic development. Their is a short movie to watch with her talking about her life and someone else narrating additional background. We just love her artwork and her incredibly bold break away from traditional art of the period. We all – parents and grandparents – encourage our granddaughters to look upon Georgia O’Keefe as a heroine and role model, just as we do. Another exhibit inside includes works by Ken Price. .

Back to the big casita, which is being cleaned today, so we all march over to our little casita, lunch in hand. The girls watch a short video before they eat lunch and then back to their big casita to nap.

Not sure what this evening will bring with the family. We sure will miss them when they leave tomorrow. Thankfully, Santa Fe has much to explore, to help keep our minds off missing the little and big members of our visiting family.

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