Santa Fe – August 26-27, 2019

While Santa Fe is mostly an adult vacation haven, there are activities for small children. The store windows alone are entertaining our grandchildren. There is all the colorful jewelry, clothing and artwork to look at everywhere. As I mentioned before, the bronze statues are the most delightful to these small children. They are in love with the one in the park next to St. Francis and said they want to visit it every day.

Finding a place to eat isn’t hard at all, yet the most famous ones are very busy on Sunday after church. We enjoy a brunch at Tia Sophia’s on San Francisco St. Another family-run, local restaurant, and worth the wait. Lucky for us with our large group, they had a larger booth open up and we are seated immediately.

After lunch, a trip to the Santa Fe Children’s Museum. This is a really fun place – even for adults. The girls loved the air machine – you place scarfs or small cloth flowers into a tube with a powerful fan so they are blown up into the air. There was also a track where you place a ball and watch it roll back and forth. The 2-1/2 year old ran after the ball back and forth making all of us laugh. (Boy, was she tired later!) There was also the bubble making large tub. Everyone was enjoying that. Several other educational stations are spread around the room. And then there was the costume trunk. Highly recommend this place if you come to Santa Fe with children.

The next day, we are off to visit MEOW WOLF an indoor, art exhibit of the most gigantic possible proportions, room after room in a house with unexpected twists and turns from and for the wildest imaginations! The little girls are provided sidewalk chalk while waiting in line, a nice touch. Once in, everyone explores at their own pace….in fact we lose each other in this giant artstic funhouse.

Now how can an outdoor statue display compete with this crazy place?!!?

Be on the lookout; we understand that Meow Wolf installations will soon be opening in a number of us cities, including Las Vegas NV.

Since it is Santa Fe Music Week, there is a Mariachi band in the plaza. The girls and OMA enjoyed dancing to the music.

Exhausted, back to the house for dinner and a good night’s sleep. The next morning, we climb back in the car and drive up to the Santa Fe’s Sangre de Christopher Mountains so the girls can do their first hike (even though Ila is not too excited about any type of bug!). There is a small stream at our first stop along the highway going up. They girls loved touching the water.

Next stop up the road is the Overlook that the Visitor Center staff had mentioned earlier in the week – 15 miles up the mountain – at 10,290 feet. A spectacular view of the Sangre de Christo mountains and the various mountains and ranges in the distance towards Albuquerque. Just beautiful (not the sign).

Lunch from Bumble Bee’s Baja Grill – delicious! My Tortilla Green Chile Burger was awesome, a nice Chile burn!

Lots to do for children here in Santa Fe. Later maybe another museum and back to the park for a Mariachi moment . A lot to keep children entertained and parents and grandparents too!

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