Santa Fe Opera – August 2019

The last week of Opera in Santa Fe is very busy – sold out crowds it appears to us. It helps to purchase tickets in advance if you want to have some choice seats. It is such a beautiful venue position in the foot hills surrounding Santa Fe. Right next door the Tesuque Casino built last year and in full operation. Apparently it replaced the old Camel Rock Casino which we had never been to and probably will not go to this new one.

The evenings in Santa Fe are cool so sitting outside enjoying an opera is perfect. People dress in all kinds of attire – nothing is standard. The crowd is a mix of ages with the older folks being the majority. It truly is an experience to enjoy! No pictures are allowed during the operas so I take what I can before.

The first opera we saw was Cosi Fan Tutte. This opera was done in a very modern way with the main male characters dressed as Cowboys and the women dressed in white tennis skirt outfits. No props on stage but the floor board that came up and revealed a staircase allowing the actors to depart the stage.

Saturday night we took the shuttle again from the El Dorado Hotel to the Opera. No driving for us. Again, the evening was beautiful and yet a little warmer than the previous night. The opera – La Boehme. Another of the classic operas that everyone must see once. And a lot shorter – over at 10:30 pm vs. Cosi Fan Tutte which was over at 11:15 pm.

The staging was done artfully with moving pieces of set. The costuming was also classic – no modern interpretation – thus, not making you think it was ‘Rent.’ Our seat partner was a Cowboy – couldn’t resist taking a photo. I told Steve we should go to the Sarasota Opera dressed like the people going to the Santa Fe Opera. We have the cowboy hats!

Santa Fe Opera is a ‘must do’ for anyone coming to visit this city. A bonus this last week of August is it is Santa Fe Music Week. There will be live music on the Plaza and at other locations throughout the city.

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