Santa Fe – August 24, 2019

After the Champness family arrived last night at 9:00 PM, with two very tired girls, and had to drive to the casita – we had a wonderful day together. Of course, the two very tired girls were up at 4:00 AM – not quite adjusted to the time zone change! Where do they get the energy – oh, yeah they are 4 and 2 1/2.

Some food and they are ready to go explore a little bit of downtown Santa Fe. The most interesting being the bronze art sculptures that exist everywhere.

Hype up with some pastries at a local place and then continue exploring.

St. Francis Cathedral – a nice stop and the park next to it with bronze sculptures that the two girls really enjoy climbing all over.

More shops to explore and then a walk back to the house for a relaxing (called a nap) afternoon. Grocery store – quite an experience for Brooklyn girls – drive in a car and shop a gigantic store! The world is an amazing place! And as Emme said, “Are those mountains?” When I said, “Yes,” she said, “I want to go.” A National Park Geek in the making!

This is one of my favorite sculptures…..The wonderment in the Land of enchantment.

Lucky us, another opera tonight – La Boheme. The family will be sleeping and still adjusting to the time change and altitude; we will be soaking up opera, Santa Fe style.

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