Santa Fe – August 23, 2019

I thought about starting to add what day it is that we are staying in Santa Fe and then decided to just stick with the date. Now, about the weather in August — it’s cool and sunny in the morning, hot and sunny by noon, cloudy and raining by 3pm (and today it hailed for 30 minutes!). Then the temperature cools back down, the rain stops the clouds begin to clear and its a lovely cool evening.

Breakfast in the morning at the Plaza Cafe. It is a must do for breakfast – traditional New Mexico breakfast dishes and my favorite, blue corn piñon pancakes. Naturally a walk after this huge breakfast along Alemeda St. This street has a nice sidewalk that follows the Santa Fe River, which this year is running with precious water. Last year when we visited, it was completely dry.

If you follow the sidewalk to the end, you can cross on Palace St. to the upper end of Canyon Road. A delightful walk back down Canyon Road (too early for anything much to be open). The huge trees and the lavender make my day! We notice there are many contemporary art galleries along Canyon Road now. My favorites are the bronze art pieces of cowboys, native Americans, etc.; thank goodness they still exist. You be the judge of the other art.

Meanwhile in town, the shops are opening and the vendors are setting up their wares for the day. Even rearranging flower pots, and Cafe Pasquales already has a line.

Our day is spent packing up for a move to a smaller casita to make room for our daughter and her family arriving later tonight. The new Casita is quite cute and has lots of Santa Fe art and ambiance.

St. Francis and Sisters of Loretta would be happy among the mix.

One thought on “Santa Fe – August 23, 2019

  1. Love the buildings and the art everywhere. Is the meeting house Quaker?? Thanks for continuing to enlighten me with all your travels. You can tell Steve that I met Dr. Pulido today and am very impressed with her. So I’ll be trying hearing aids next week. Looks like everyone will be sitting on the floor for awhile in the new condo. I just bought hearing aids instead of a sofa! Oh well!😂 Enjoy your family, especially those little cherubs! Ann

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