Hawaiian Adventure Oahu to Kauai 2018

Our last days at Disney Aulani’s resort with Lesley and family were memorable. Beach time, pool time, out to dinner and then off to the airport for all of us.

We ate a lunch at Monkeypod, just across the street from the resort in a shopping area. Good food, beer and music.

Early evening dinners a night at Ama Ama and a night at Off the Hook, both restaurants on the Disney Aulani property. Emme and Ila are easily distracted and entertained by other people and the music playing. Nice to spend the time together.

At the airport, we say our goodbyes and we head to our gate for our flight to Kauai. We land just at dusk, not a good time to take pictures while also trying to drive the one road that goes around the island.

We arrive at the Wyndham Bali Hai Villas in the dark and are greeted by their very competent front desk and concierge staff. Our condo is a two bedroom with – are you ready – NO AIR CONDITIONING. Supposedly the tradewinds will keep us cool at night with the windows open….hahahaha. We are so spoiled by air conditioning – that’s all I’ll have to say about that.

A grocery store stop is necessary and then in the morning, the resort provides a presentation with an overview of what there is to do on the island. The host reviews the map of Kauai, brief description of the towns along the main road and at least 10 different vendors telling you about their available activities. Free coffee and donuts, too.

We decide to do a day tour tomorrow around the island by airplane, in a boat and driving the only road. This will cover most of the east and north side of the island. We will do the canyon on Wednesday on our own, which is quite a drive from where we are staying. Tuesday we plan a hike to a waterfall and of course the obligatory luau.

Today (Sunday), we take a drive to the St. Regis Resort for lunch and great views. One of the guides said that just off the north end is something called the Tokyo Express current. Kind of like the Gulf Stream – it carries things all the way from Hawaii to Japan. Don’t lose your surfboard we are told, it might end up on a lonely Japanese beach LOL. Rain showers on this side of the island are common and then the sun comes out again – just like Florida in the summer.

Had to take a picture of the rooster strutting around the lunch table. Yes–they are everywhere.

After lunch a short drive to Hanalei where the main road ends due to the floods that occurred here in April. Over 59 inches of rain fell in a 24 hour period flooding most of the island and washing out roads.

Kauai is so beautiful – what little we have seen. Same foliage as Florida but huge! Looking forward to the next few days.

One thought on “Hawaiian Adventure Oahu to Kauai 2018

  1. Kids safely home; you’re both relaxing; God’s in His heaven; all’s right with the world.
    And, 35 runners at Oasis on Saturday.


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