Hawaiian Adventure – August 30 2018

When you are on a vacation with family, you don’t think about blogging that much. It feels to me this week is like the first time I’ve actually had a relaxing vacation. Disney Aulani is perfect for this type of vacation. You can choose to do activities or not. With two little grand daughters, time is focused on pool time, play time, meal time and rest time. It’s so fun to spend so much time enjoying togetherness without the pressures and responsibilities of jobs and places to be. Thanks be to God!

Steve and I had an evening out for dinner at Mina’s Fish House which is located at the Four Seasons Resort just next to Disney Aulani. It is much quieter there than at Disney. The staff said it is a slow week due to the hurricane threat earlier, lots of cancelled reservations. The regular menu choices at Mina’s Fish House were interesting. Then the server brought out the fresh fish menu created daily. Tough choices! Steve decided on the Marlin and I ordered the Swordfish. Outstanding!

The afternoons at Disney is character time. Each day a couple of different characters are available for photo-op. Emmeline is just old enough to want to consider meeting a character. She rejected Chip and Dale, although we took her when we were here the last time in 2016.

She was extremely shy around Moana with Lesley. Mike said she was excited to meet Minnie and Mickey. I was surprised she was open to a photo-op with Goofy and Stitch.

Yesterday was a day at the beach. The Pacific Ocean is the perfect temperature and very clear along the beach area. Delightful.

Each morning Steve and I go for our walk and come back for coffee and breakfast. At 7 AM every morning, the Disney Aulani speakers play the Hawaiian Morning Chant. It only lasts for a minute and is a beautifully done setting up the happy feelings for the day. Another Thanks be to God moment! Here’s a sample someone recorded from their balcony.

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