Santa Fe – Churches, Georgia O. and Art

Last night we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Geronimo on Canyon Road. This is considered by many to be Santa Fe’s #1 restaurant, and understandably so. The dining room in the back was quiet and intimate; the wait staff attentive and knowledgeable and the dishes served were flavorful, creative with a tasty twist. This is a must when in Santa Fe.After dinner, we walked to the Plaza and enjoyed the perfect weather and people watching. There was a man in the middle of the Plaza, singing/chanting in his Native language loudly for all to hear. After he was done, I told him his voice and the song were beautiful to listen to. He told us he usually sings with his brothers but they had to work. The song was a Native American Evening Blessing that he learned from his Great Grandfather who came from North Dakota. Glad to have passed by the square.We met our ride back to the hotel at the Coyote Cafe. Another good restaurant that we’ll have to try another time. A beautiful sunset awaits our return.Tuesday morning already and we decide we need to go back to Santa Fe and explore some of the places we’ve enjoyed in the past.The Plaza with all the people selling their jewelry.Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi with a new statue near the entry of the “First Indian of North America to be promoted to a Saint” – Kateri Tekakwitha 1656-1680. The church is beautiful inside, built between 1869 and 1886. Other churches had been on this site as early as 1626.Next stop, one of the more interesting churches – Loretto Chapel. This was a chapel built for a school run by the Sisters of Loretto. This chapel is now used for weddings, concerts and tourists who want to see the “miraculous staircase.” Brief summary – The Sisters had prayed to St. Joseph for 9 days straight for someone to be able to build a staircase to the choir loft. A man showed up and in 6 months built a spiral staircase that no one can figure out how he did it or how it is supported. The carpenter disappeared after it was complete so the legend is that it was actually St. Joseph himself who built the staircase.And did you know that Route 66 use to go through Santa Fe. We will be taking this route when we leave here on Thursday.Another favorite is the Georgia O’Keefe Museum. We love her artwork and have to stop in every time to see what is on display. Many of the famous pieces are hung here. If you are looking for a calm and inspiring break from the daily world, Steve and I recommend a stop at this museum.After walking around, we decide its time for new hiking shoes. Great place to stop, shop and get great advice is Alpine Sports. A lot of hiking, climbing and skiing gear and clothing. The sales person recommends a restaurant near by for lunch – Los Magueyes. Traditional New Mexican food and quite tasty and goes well with a local beer.We love Santa Fe because of the sculptures scattered in the downtown area. Fun to take some pix.Also, the various buildings all have some kind of art happening inside and out.Finally a stop to see if there are more cattle pictures like the one Steve bought the last time we were in town. Guess what – there are more cattle for sale……and the price has gone up – should have bought a bigger herd the first time!Tonight we have no plans except to relax and watch the sunset soon.

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