Brooklyn – May 22-23

On Tuesday, we did our regular morning routine, breakfast with the girls. Then Laundry and mail and phone calls for the morning into the afternoon. It is a rainy, dreary day.

At night we went to see the musical “Frozen” at the St. James Theatre. It was really fun. Many of the children were dressed in one of the Frozen princesses – Elsa & Anna – dresses. Very cute and very excited to be able to see the show. We even followed behind an Elsa on our way to the show.

While we enjoyed Frozen, we think Aladdin is better as a story and performance. No photos allowed during the show but here’s the set before (Northern Lights) and then during intermission – it’s snowing!

Before the show we walk near Times Square before dinner at Sardi’s. Great food, service and atmosphere to go along with the Broadway show experience.

Today (Wednesday), we are off to Manhattan and back to use our tickets at The Met. When you buy tickets, they are valid for three days at any of the The Met’s museums. Nice.

We will walk in Central Park again as the weather will be sunny and warm.

Here are a few of our NYC Observations starting with everyone wears black or grey! Men wear short sport jackets and there are lots of young people and not too many old. The homeless are around but you mostly see them when the weather is rainy because they hang in subway stations and on the subway trains. People walk around talking all the time to someone on the phone. You know this when you see them with a Bluetooth earpiece. It seems there are as many places to eat in New York as there are people.

There are bicycles parked everywhere of every make, model and age. Food combines with beer at most places. Police on foot, in cars, on street corners and in the subway. And every day we see something that we’ve never seen before – like the last picture lace hose underneath torn jeans for example. I think if it was possible to take a photo of everything unusual that we see, it could be a website like the one for People of Wal-Mart. New York definitely would rival it.

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