Brooklyn – May 23…continued

The visit to the Metropolitan Art Museum today was just as interesting as on Monday. I couldn’t resist sharing a few more pictures.

We’ve always enjoyed Rodin’s sculpture.

Then there was the Visitors to Versailles Exhibition that took 6 years to create. There is an audio that you can listen to for free. Amazing story and items on display. We have been to Versailles in France once and remembered how incredibly opulent it is/was.

Then there is always the “real” art – Picasso early in his life – Woman in White and then later went he went “Avant-Garde.”

The Contemporary Art always makes you wonder…..

Another exhibition is the photography of William Eggleston. I did not take any photographs of his photographs but rather his quotes displayed with his photography of places in the USA. He is considered a pioneer of modern color photography. Also, I enjoyed his photos because his subjects are part of the ‘social and physical landscape of the Mississippi delta region and places he visited on long road trips.’ My kind of guy! Just type his name in Google and you will see some of his work. I have to share his quotes!

Another walk through Central Park

Now off to dinner at Sociale Italian Eatery in Brooklyn. Another of our long-time favorites.

Also – New Yorker pictures of today.

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