Brooklyn – May 17 – 20

What a busy few days!

Thursday: We finally did a morning of relaxing and catch-up on email and mail. Afternoon at the Brooklyn Museum exploring the American Art, Schenk House and a new display of photography and video of rebuilding the city of Mecca around the shrine.

Easy lunch of soup and then to Lesley’s before picking upping the girls at school with Mike. Dinner with Emme and Ila and then we walked to Threes Brewery. A fun craft brewery in Gowanus. Tasted Circus of Misdirection and There You Are beers. This is a lively place with lots of young people and live music in the upstairs bar area.

A walk back along 3rd Ave and Flatbush Avenue to our hotel. 16783 steps, 7.8 miles, 10 flights.

Friday: Our breakfast with the girls before school and finally no rain.

A subway ride to Juilliard School Store and then a little shopping in Time Warner Building at Columbus Circle. Walked past Brittany’s graduation church….how long ago did she graduated from Marymount of Manhattan?

Dinner of Pizza for National Pizza Day at Les and Mike’s from LaylaJones Pizza. Then we are left to babysit while Lesley and Mike enjoy an evening out for dinner.

Saturday: Emme’s birthday party day. Up and out to pick-up cupcakes at Mia’s Bakery on Smith Street – in the rain! Then to the apartment to help Lesley with setting up the place for the party. Steve goes to pick-up the balloons and Mike has the girls at gymnastics class.

The place is ready and the guests start arriving. I play doorman buzzing people in and greeting. 10 children and parents plus Mike’s Mom, Dad and Sister with family. About and hour in to the party, the entertainment shows up. A man playing guitar and a woman singing, dancing and blowing bubbles. The little girls are enthralled, the little boys are sitting back observing or playing with another toy. A bit overwhelming to say the least.

After the guests leave, only the family is left and Mike orders pizzas. It was nice to catch-up a little with Mike’s family. They brought some old toys of their other grandchildren for Emme and she loves them. The other gifts she received – too overwhelmed to even bother opening them. Exactly what you would expect of a little girl who is just turning 3 years old!

Steve and I head back to our hotel to rest, grab a bite for dinner and then go back at 7:45 pm to babysit while Lesley goes out to dinner and Mike to play ice hockey. We don’t get ‘home’ until 12:15 pm – crash!

Sunday: Sleep-in and then enjoy a hearty breakfast at Junior’s.

Now in the hotel reading and writing. Later we will be going to the Tribeca Performing Arts Center with Mike and Emme to see “The Gruffalo” show.

Keeping very busy!

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