Pre – Hurricane Irma

One thing you discover after living in Florida for 15 years +, is that you have developed Hurricane amnesia.  We had a hurricane kit from over 10 years ago and kept moving it throughout all our moves but never replenishing.  So – here is what we are missing and have learned:

Not living on a barrier island is a good move!  Longboat Key evacuated two days ago.  We would have been already homeless!

Rechargeable High-Beam Light (ours had the battery corroded and won’t charge)

Tarps – we only have one plastic sheet with some tape.  May not be enough for the windows where we live now.

D and C and AA and AAA – BATTERIES – These are the first items gone from the hardware, Walgreens, Wal-mart, etc. stores.  KEEP THEM ON-HAND.  We are working down our supply.

We did have a generator – now we live in a hurricane “built for stout” building but when you loose power it sucks!  So far we still have power.  Buy a generator!

Where are all the flashlights?  Make sure you’ve gathered them up ahead of time.  We have a lot, yet some have corroded batteries because they haven’t been used in awhile!

Don’t fight or argue with people who are in a state of high anxiety at the gas station, grocery store and bank!  Just observe.  Remember water is also in soup broth, sparkling drinks, soda, Red Bull, Gatorade, Iced Tea and BEER & wine!!  People bought out all of the water and nothing else.  REALLY – most of these same people are drinking all the other stuff besides water.  So strange.  No waterPublix Line Up

Speaking of water – we always have two cases in the house.  So we start with that.  Now we have observed the guidance from Facebook (are they really an authority?) to fill every container in our house with water for after the storm.  So now, we have a bathtub, 3 buckets, two trash cans, extra-empty-used bottles of water, gatorade bottles from the trash disinfected and loaded with water and every bowl, tupperware container, etc filled with water and put in the freezer to be used in the future for drinking or as cooler ice.  Is this enough?  Now the County said, unless a water line breaks, we will have no problem with water in Sarasota, unlike Houston.  Water availability might be a local issue….we just don’t know.

Food – well, I was on the Total Solar Eclipse trip and Steve ate all the chuck-wagon canned food in the cabinet.  Now, we had to replenish.  Don’t let your supply run down.  Keep canned goods in the cabinet!  Okay to not have freezer food that will perish and we can’t even cook because we have no grill……Staples are important.

Do not watch National News.  Only watch local news.  National News is scary, sensational and totally hyped.  LOCAL news is reasonable, now how things work in your community and give you the proper perspective and encouragement and information.  That is what you need – information.  Be aware of any national news source that reprograms to give you updates – CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc.  they do not have

We have a radio that is a crank or solar power to use it.  So we got it out.  It cranks but when runs the cranking noise is so loud it sounds like a Model T Ford.  Will we be able to hear the radio when we most need it?!  It is 15 years old….maybe time for new one.

Air Conditioner – Turn your air down the day of the hurricane so when the power goes out you have a really frigid house to start.  We are f…ing freezing right now!  Power is still on.  Tomorrow who knows?

Do not shoot your guns at the Hurricane.  We just heard people are doing this.  Save your ammo for when you need it to protect yourself and your home.

We also heard people were going to blow their leaf blowers and hair dryers at the hurricane so the storm would stay away.  Sorry, it won’t work. LOL

Homeless people are still wandering around Sarasota in this storm.  The police have tried to get them to go to shelters.  How mentally ill do you have to be to want to be outside in a Category 3 hurricane?  They just walked by our house….sadly.

People who you have not spoken to or communicated with in years are contacting you to make sure you are okay.  God Bless These People!  However, I need to keep my phone charged – stop texting me.

Family – who is not here – we know you love us.  You don’t need to call except for Geoff & Lesley – Emme and Ila — We just talked to the grandgirls/ and it was wonderful to chat and see their happy smiling faces because their parents are so good!  Geoff – you are in the same boat as us – FLORIDA – roof problems, power outages and you have to go back to work!  Hey – keep that ruck sak ready to go.  Sisters – hang loose – we are old now and really, we’ve been through a lot this year – what’s a hurricane!

Friends and neighbors who stayed.  Thanks for partying with us last night to pass the time.  Really – it is all you can do when you have over 48 hours of time.  All are very caring people and will most likely be first responders to help others in need after the hurricane.  That is what we feel we will be doing— how can you not help others?

Our county is on top of the situation.  They have: 3.2 million liters of water, 67 Trailers with meals and 24,000 tarps (yay since we don’t have any!).  Florida knows how to do disasters.  Or they want us to think they do before the storm.City Emergency

We’ve been told on the TV – the first 72 hours you are on your own.  – Whoa– 3 days.  Okay we have enough food, water and clothing.  Did I mention – I do not like camping!

And the funniest recommendation was ‘get in to your safe room and wear your bicycle helmets to protect your head.’  So we dug out our bicycle helmets and here we are waiting.Protect your Heads

Now I’m rambling…..we went out with friends for our last meal out (breakfast) at the Hob Nob – a Sarasota iconic Florida diner on US 41. Hob Nob 9 9 2017

Now we wait……





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