Bike Tour – Day 3 – 28, July 2021

Today was incredible. 47 miles on an electric bike along a beautiful trail – The Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes. It runs 73.2 miles and nearly spans the Idaho Panhandle. It is unique in that it is an old rail line that took silver out of the mines up in the Wallace area – the most famous silver mining area in the world.

That’s the summary. Now for a little more detail and pictures. At the start of the trail, about a 40 minute drive from Coeur d’Alene, is an awesome Warriors and Veteran’s Memorial site. An iron sculpture of an Indian Chief on a horse in front of a wall of names from the American Indian tribes of the area who fought in both a war against the USA and fought in the wars to protect the freedoms of the USA. We can be thankful for their incredible courage, bravery and sacrifice for us.

The first leg of our bike ride is to the town of Harrison. We travel through beautiful forests, part of which us up the Coeur d’Alene’s reservations. Harrison is a very small town, population 257, which had the possibility of becoming the county seat in the 1800’s but had a huge fire that destroyed the town, so Coeur d’Alene became the country seat. Before arriving in Harrison, our bike trail takes us over the lake. The trail has a ripple affect going up and coming down meant to be easier for cyclists. The views are beautiful along this stretch of the trail as the lake peaks out between the forest as we approach the bridge.

Taking a photo of the various signs is one of the fun things I like to do.

We stop in Harrison for a trail lunch prepared by our tour guides Connor the Younger and Conner the Mature. A nice break after 15 miles and a must for fueling up for the rest of the ride.

Leaving Harrison, we see a beautiful site on the inlet of the lake – water lilies thousands of white and red. The pictures don’t do justice to their beauty. Among the lilies are beaver dams. No sign of the beavers.

The tour guide is following us for this part of the trail so everyone can ride at their own pace. We all catch up at the trail head called Bull Run – 18 miles from Harrison. The ride through Gray’s Meadow is quite hot and long – it seems like forever. While it is beautiful scenery, the temperatures have climbed and the only breeze is when you ramp up your electric bike pedal assist or throttle!

Between the meadow and Bull Run trail head, we finally have a little shade again. Snacks at the van help us for the finally 14 miles. People are wearing down and using that electric bike throttle is a saver!

In the final few miles we stop at bridge where young people are jumping off into a river. It has to feel refreshing even is dangerous!

We are happy we did this ride. Now to the hotel!

Steve’s stats from his watch.

Now for a nice meal and sleep! Tomorrow to the silver mining town of Wallace.

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