Wrapping up Brooklyn trip – 27 June, 2021

On Saturday, we have our traditional breakfast at Juniors in Brooklyn. Music is always the 50’s and 60’s blasting in the background of breakfast – at 7 AM – very memorable!

Then we spend a little time at a park with girls after their morning swimming lessons. They are amazingly strong and know how to have fun in the playground!

Summer temps are climbing in Brooklyn so we went back to the hotel to chill out before going to dinner at Colonie Restaurant, a favorite.

We babysit the girls when our daughter and her husband go out for the evening. Then, we are back to the hotel for the morning adventure – and it is quite an adventure!

JetBlue in JFK is packed at 6:20 AM with lots of people trying to check their bags with minimal staff. What a madhouse! Even if you checked in, you have to get your bag tag to do the drop off and the lines are LONGGGGGGG – 30 + minutes.

Fortunately TSA-PRE✅….but then, our flight is at Gate 16, no wait, Gate 29, no wait, Gate 2. Our flight leaves 3 hours late! We could be home by now. Covid is over except the masks! AND did I mention all the world now revolves around our pets! Dog ER’s, Dog parks in the airport and Dogs everywhere! 🤡🌎

Not too interested in going back to New York….still very interested in our granddaughters!

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