Active in Brooklyn – 25 June 2021

Yesterday was exhausting – 9.2 miles. Today’s plans are less active, easier. Walk over to the Brooklyn Bridge Park on Atlantic to see the girls on their bicycles and playing around in the field of grass.

A quick trip back to our hotel along Montague Street. We see the result of the pandemic on the neighborhood here. Lots of store fronts empty. It truly has changed this area. I can’t even imagine what downtown Manhattan must look like. Sad.

Then some lunch back at home, roof top flower garden weeding, playing in a sprinkle on a rooftop and a movie before we head back to the hotel. Go Tampa Bay Lightning!

And did I mention, the elevator was broken in their building and we had to climb 7 flights of stairs to their apartment while someone working on the elevator! Good thing we have been training in Florida on the stairs LOL

And by the way, there is still Covid testing going on and lots of people wearing masks……and our daughter’s company bought a local distillery! Quite good vodka we might say!

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