El Paso to Las Cruces – May 11, 2021

El Paso Airport Greeting

Another adventure already! Flight from Sarasota to Dallas to El Paso, Texas was uneventful. Other than everyone wearing masks, the airport travel experience was about the same as before. People really aren’t social distancing much anymore and the airplane was full from Sarasota to Dallas and almost full Dallas to El Paso. While the Covid-19 virus is still around, many people have vaccines and many people aren’t fearful to travel. A lot of business men and women were traveling too. Nice to see some things are getting back to normal. Yay!

Driving from El Paso, Texas to Las Cruces, New Mexico on I-10 was typical as well. Traffic, lots of trucks and a few strange sights along the interstate.

Driving on I-10 in El Paso

We couldn’t get good pictures of everything strange while driving but we have to mention the thousands of dairy cows in fenced-in- areas for a number of miles. While it was huge diary operation, it looked more like a cattle feed-lot. Very strange!

There was also a huge Pistachio tree farm. Quick pix out the window of the rental car.

Very short drive from El Paso and you are in New Mexico

It is very arid here with dessert and mountains in the distance. We didn’t realize we are above 3500 feet in elevation. High Plains Drifters!

We arrive at the Courtyard Marriott in Las Cruces and ask for a suggestion for dinner. Front desk recommends Matteo’s – was a popular food truck business that finally set-up permanent location in a strip mall. Awesome food! Try the Hatch Chile Enchiladas – delicious.

Tomorrow we will drive to White Sands National Park, the 62nd national park created in 2019 right before the pandemic. Periodically the road is closed in the morning due to missile testing. Guess what – road closed tomorrow 7am to 9 am. We’ll be getting a late start into the park. Stay tuned…..

Upcoming Closure(s):

DateClosure TimeUS 70 Blocked

5/12/20217:00 am to 9:00 am

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