Disney World – August 2020

Since the pandemic arrived, all travel plans have been canceled for the year except for in Florida travel. We have reservations to our Disney Vacation Club resorts each month for the rest of the year and will probably be traveling here during 2021 as well. If Covid-19 vaccines become available, travel planning to other parts of the USA and world will begin again.

It seemed important to document this unusual Disney experience. Disney World just reopened less than a month ago after closing in March for the pandemic shutdown. As always, Disney impresses us with their amazing attention to detail in everything they do. With Covid-19 still around, they have implemented new processes and procedures through their parks and resorts to ensure a safe experience. Some of these new processes/procedures will probably stay around post Covid. They streamlined some things and encourage courteous behavior throughout the park experience. Here’s an attempt at documenting what we experienced.

Everyone is required to wear a face mask and social distance. If you aren’t doing this, a Disney official will speak to you. Temperatures are taken before entry into the parks and Disney Springs.

These signs are everywhere.
Entry to Magic Kingdom, temperatures are being taken. Waiting queues are all marked for social distancing.
These are the spots marked while you wait to go on a ride. They are generously social distanced. On the rides, you are distanced from others as well. Empty cars on roller coasters, empty avatar bikes, seats between you, etc.

Everywhere you are distanced from each other and the entertainment! If they think you won’t social distance, or can’t (such as fireworks), these events are closed or not held. The monorail and the safari ride all have partitions up. Some of areas while waiting in lines also have partitioning. When we parked at Animal Kingdom, they even left an empty parking space between cars.

Unfortunately, some rides and indoor theatre entertainment are closed. On the positive side, hardly anyone is in the park so you can go on the rides that usually have very long rides – like the Avatar Flight ride – we went on two times and only waited about 20 minutes! Same with the Mine Ride – we never had been on it and only waited 10 minutes.

The beautiful Grand Floridian was deserted of people – the children’s pool area was closed, the main pool was open, the lobby did not have their beautiful floral displays, no one at all in the lobby, so strange. The new Enchanted Rose lounge had people 🙂

Dinner at the California Grill at the top of the Contemporary Hotel was delicious. Again, very quiet, socially distanced. All restaurants now have their menus on-line by scanning a QR Code. No touching anything. I think this might stay long after this pandemic.

Lunch at Tiffins in Animal Kingdom, very tasty. Again, QR Code for the menu, social distanced, hardly anyone there.

While things are definitely different, Disney World is an amazing, fun place to visit and experience. We will be back during this pandemic era and hopefully everything Disney is doing will keep COVID-19 away from these beautiful resorts, parks and animals.

I think the animals miss people – they were very friendly today!

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