Road Trip – Day 3 – August 19, 2019

Does it count that we aren’t driving down the road but instead trying to navigate the Dallas Parkway/tollway/ 635 West, East, 75 North South and find people we know and the Galleria? I think it might!

Last night we just relaxed after driving 1200 miles from Florida. We did go to the Galleria Mall and walked among the very diverse community of humans preparing their children for school that started today. EVERY family was out shopping to buy something for their children to start school. I haven’t seen a mall so crowded since Christmas! And they even have an ice skating rink!

Today, after a wonderful night’s sleep in the Marriott Dallas North, we drove to Steve’s cousins, who live in an independent living facility on Lovers Lane. Kenton and Eula are 89 – YES – 89 years old. They look great and are sharp as ‘tacks.’ We have aspired to be like them since I first met them 31 years ago. Educated, fun, enjoying life, traveling the world. They have slowed down a bit and recognize it at their age and yet, they live in a beautiful ‘condo’ in an independent living facility and treat us to lunch.

A lovely visit and now down the road to the Galleria again. In Texas, us ‘northern folk’ expect to see cowboys and Native American Indians. Well, at the mall, the only opportunity is in the window displays.

Tonight back at the hotel enjoying the Marriott Club Lounge for cheese and crackers. Tomorrow, another visit with friends and then down the road again.

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