Yoho National Park

Risers early we are said Yoda. In the car and heading north to Yoho National Park today. It is only a one hour+ drive with minimal traffic at 7:30 am. We arrive in the town of Field where there is a Visitor Center for the Yoho National Park. You need a pass to be in the park enjoying all there is to see. We buy a pass and head to the opposite end of the park to go to the Wapta Falls.

A very easy, nice hike to Canada’s 3rd widest water fall, on the Kicking Horse River – whatever that may mean to you. The glacial water color and the sounds of the falls are ‘sound-machine quality.’ Seriously, this must be where they get those sounds! The hike does not involve any elevation (nice!) and the trail is lined with wild roses and other mountain flowers along the way. Sweet!

The mountains in this area are stunning. Most are very high and still have glaciers. Every turn in the Trans-Canadian Highway is “eye-candy’ of mountains and rivers. It’s hard to drive and take photos.

We wanted to hike around Emerald Lake but the parking situation was ridiculous, as everything is in the summer months. So we dropped Steve to take pictures, with a promise of subsequently picking him up. It looks very nice and maybe someday if we can get here early in the morning or later in the evening, hiking would be a possibility…not today.The Natural Bridge is being formed by a waterfall that started on top of the rocks but broke through a hole and now flows through the hole leaving a natural rock bridge. A first for us….never saw anything like this before. And how do you describe the water color?

Next a drive to Takakma Falls and the Natural Bridge. Touristy but really, you must see in Yoho National Park. Best yet – along the road driving to the falls – two bear cubs wandering along the river!

The Falls are the tallest in Canada and are a result of melt of the Daly Glacier. The noise is deafening and the blue water is so clear. With mountain ranges all around, it is truly stunning and awe-inspiring.

A drive back to the town of Canmore for packing and dinner before our departure tomorrow. Definitely not enough time to enjoy everything here.

Meanwhile back in Canmore, Stacy and Rich rode their bikes, hiked throughout the town and took a raft trip down the Bow Valley River. We finally learned what the name of the small tree we kept seeing in the woods – Wolf berry willow or silver berry. Really this part of Canada is pristine.

The nice thing about being in a hotel with a kitchen and a grill right on your balcony is your friends can cook dinner for you! Thank you Stacy & Rich!

We hope to come back someday! Tomorrow two days on the Rocky Mountaineer to Vancouver!

Good bye – three sisters!

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