Grassi Lake Trail in Canmore

Our friends are taking an adventure on bicycles today. There are many, many biking trails in and around Canmore, plus one that actually goes all the way to Banff. This town wants people to be outdoors! For us – that means hiking. We have a short drive to the head of Grassi Lakes Trail; short especially if you don’t get lost and have to backtrack. It’s an easy hike and there are lots of families and school children enjoying a field trip hiking up to the lakes area.

Another beautiful day of weather. The hiking trail takes you up on a gravel road/trail to two beautiful, clear turquoise-tinted lakes. If you hike beyond, there is a water reservoir and even better views we are told. However, the stairs and the subsequent rock-slide area made us reconsider. We did go up a little ways, spotting rock climbers preparing to go up the side of a cliff.

A group of school children were hanging out along the shore of the lake and inspecting a small cave. A busy place!

Great view of Bow Valley and Canmore in the distance (pleas mentally remove the power lines).

The trail signs were interesting today, too. The one with the dog looks like ‘slap your dog’ instead of just saying – keep dogs leashed.

Next stop: Lunch in Canmore at The Graze and back to the hotel to relax and enjoy the afternoon. We pass a statue of a Coal Miner – can’t forget that is what helped start the town of Canmore.

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