O Canada, will we ever make it there?

Our trip to Canmore is starting off a little strange. Our limo is delayed to Tampa airport due to two accidents on the Howard Franklin. Then, while in the limo we receive a text telling us our United flight from Tampa to Denver is delayed 3 hours so we will not make our connecting flight to Calgary. Going through security I am randomly stopped for further security check. Finally thru and we arrange to hold seats on a later flight to Calgary because we will not make our connection. And when we came near Denver they put our plane in a holding pattern for 45 minutes. Finally we see ground in Denver at 6:30 pm Eastern time.Once on the ground in Denver airport we dash from A23 to C83 – yes, as far apart as you can get. As we arrive the door is closed and the plane is sitting there waiting. So close yet too bad.

Now we stop at a customer service agent to make the switch to the later flight. She tells us she can’t get us seats because the system is trying to charge us. She tells us just go to the gate and you will be issued seats there. We try another customer service location – closed!

The airport is just as crazy as we remember from previous flights to/from Denver. A thunderstorm with 60 mph winds came through stopping everything. Now the catch up begins.

We walk to our gate B17 and wait with this flight already showing a 45 minute delay. While I’m typing this, a gate change – now B16. And then another time change – instead of 7:54 now 7:39pm.

On a positive note – the communication about what is going on with the flight is much better.

It’s going to be a long night. We will now arrive in Calgary at 9:35 pm with an hour or so drive — what time will our bodies think it is once we arrive at the hotel?

Cruising seems especially attractive today.

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