Brooklyn trip wrap-up

Monday and Tuesday were days to spend with the girls. Lesley was on a vacation day Monday and then Papa and Oma (our Brooklyn names) were lucky to spend Tuesday with Ila while Emme was off at a friends and Lesley was at work.

The weather cooperated on Monday – breakfast, a visit to a different park, a trip to Macy’s for new outfits, lunch and rest at home, making cookies before walking to dinner at the Kittery.

Tuesday – rain all day. The only outdoor activity was to the grocery store for a few things. Yogurt being a special snack. Playtime, lunchtime, nap time – normal rainy day in the life of Ila.

For us always some interesting food and beer.

One thing the girls are really good about is waiting for “walking man” now being called “walking person!” LOL.

Tonight we are heading home. Enjoyed this performance on the streets of Brooklyn.

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