Hawaiian Adventure 2018 – Hiking Kauai

It’s always been our desire to find a good hike wherever we travel; it binds us together and with God’s Creation. Our concierge desk recommended a “moderate” guided hike at Princeville Ranch. Princeville Ranch is an operating cattle ranch which is also capitalizing on tourism – Ziplines (9 different ones), ATV tours, a jungle hike with swim experience and just a hike.

First they drive us out to the pastures where the cattle roam – no cattle in this pasture we are hiking but lots of evidential matter – watch your step or you will wear it home. We hike to the top of a hill to be able to see the mountains and the ocean. From there, back down towards a waterfall. Lots of wild guava trees along the way and we sample several varieties. Ancient mahogany trees along the trails. You push on the bark and water oozes out. Similar to the ginger flowers here – you squeeze the flower pod and water comes out. Amazingly tropical!

A light rain appears suddenly and stops just as quickly. When we reach the waterfall, we begin to understand why we were given belts with large hooks to fasten to a pulley and clutch/brake, helping us go down a rock wall and then across the waterfall.

Lunch at the third-tier level of the waterfall and then hike the trail back up along the waterfall side and climb back up the wall with the chains. Yep, we did it somehow – public-display-of-weakness is a strong motivator!

Through the forest, along the river stream crossing multiple times to stay on the trail.

Wow – what a hike! Beautiful trail, challenging hike and great tour guide. The definition of “moderate” here is similar to that of the National Park Rangers – think “moderately difficult”, with the emphasis on “difficult.” Returned to our hotel late so we missed out on a luau we were scheduled to attend.

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